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Australia Pork Christmas

BUPA New CVP Development
July 7, 2017

Australia Pork Christmas


To truly understand how attitudes, needs and behaviours changed over time, Australian Pork wanted to track individuals on a large scale, on specific dates.

This longitudinal approach is a powerful way to understand behaviour change – identifying more accurately when consideration is peaking, when purchases take place and how many people fulfil on their original levels intent.


A classic ham on the bone is intrinsically linked to a great Australian Christmas meal.

Given the role ham plays during the festive season, Australian Pork wanted to understand the attitudes, needs and behaviours of household chefs across three different times:

- the lead up to the festive season - the days around / on Christmas day - post-Christmas


Four waves of fieldwork were run – each with a small 3 day window.

A sampling and incentive plan was created to encourage the same 450 people to return to our study for each wave of the research.

The survey for each wave contained the same core questions for tracking, plus time-based questions (e.g. Christmas meal experience over the Christmas days).


The research showed when consideration and purchasing of ham (and other proteins) peaks – allowing Australian Pork to plan for distribution and marcoms.

Hooks and triggers for ham at Christmas were identified – feeding in to next year’s message development.

Cross-promotional tactics were recommended, based on what proteins complemented ham.


CEO - Expert in consumer psychology, semiotics, ethnography and the Real Housewives of Melbourne.