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Qualitative Research

At Ruby, we’re not just specialists in qualitative research, we also have strong credentials in psychology and behavioural economics.

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With any qualitative based project, we’re always thinking about the best methodology for the right outcome – whether it be Conflict Groups to reveal tensions and debate solutions, or BrandMagic™ to unlock untapped brand growth opportunities.

Using BrandMagic™ to Help Create the Optimal Blueprint for Brand Growth

Often our clients are faced with the challenge of unlocking brand growth opportunities or a need to pressure test brand architecture and brand stretch to tap into new markets, new product areas and new consumers.

To do this, we need more than just insights. We need an understanding of unspoken consumer needs, translated into a rich consumer connection platform and an understanding of how that might be articulated across different occasions, contexts and market conditions.

Deconstructing and Rebuilding The Brand

To help unlock what a particular territory of interest means to consumers and what this could mean for the target brand, we need to deconstruct the brand into all potential territories of stretch and then allow consumers to rebuild the brand, allowing for stretch to new products, ideas and contexts.

We use several different methods:

  • At the outset we might review current research or use an online community to understand the language, dialogue and visual metaphors consumers used to describe the territory of interest and brands that played in this space.
  • We might also use semiotics to understand rules and conventions in different contexts to help us perceive how other brands with similar promises and offerings have stretched (e.g. digestive health can learn from skincare or haircare or vitamins).
  • We then turn these insights into a move-forward workshop plan to help shape potential brand platforms.

Once this had been brainstormed and agreed, a qualitative consumer co-creation program will follow using consumer workshops to help craft an optimal road map, and apply a fresh alternative to traditional mood boards that we know consumers respond to.

We call this process BrandMagic™.

Crisper Outputs than Traditional Positioning Research

The outputs from BrandMagic™ not only define the brand, its tone and the nuances which make it unique or different in the consumers’ mind, but they help marketers understand how the brand can stretch.

Understanding this process provides insight on how to manage, direct or change the mental imprint of the brand, in a way that is congruent with how consumers want to interact with that brand in the future – especially within a changing brand architecture.

Online Communities: Getting us to Places Where Traditional Research Methods Can’t

In a world where social media continues to rise, traditional market research methods are not always the best way to get in-depth information from consumers. There are many who already provide the technology and infrastructure required to host an online community.

There are also people who provide analytic tools and counts, for the sheer volume of data. We do neither of these things. What we offer is the thinking. When we run a community, we utilise creative techniques that maximise engagement, and have a spotlight on people in their natural environment, so we have the best quality data to analyse.

Maximise consumer engagement.

Through skilled moderation and carefully planned tasks, a sense of community is achieved, which leads to highly involved participants who fully embrace the project and provide detailed and well thought out responses. Gamification and narrative storytelling is at the heart of what we do, as are inflation and deprivation tasks which capture true behaviours.

Deep consumer insights.

A level of understanding about your customers that has previously not been possible. By ensuring engagement, we end up with a rich understanding of behaviours, consumer language, imagery and metaphors that are seldom achieved in other methodologies.

Real time behaviour captured.

Rather than relying on consumers to remember and recall events at a later date, mobile technology used in communities allows us to get feedback immediately. This could include getting feedback at the moment of purchase, recalling conversations with friends or ads they have seen.

Building on ideas.

Ongoing feedback and co-creation of comms or NPD concepts as you continue to develop and update.

Pyramid Groups for a Competitive Advantage in Comms Development

When it comes to communications, brand positioning and validating ideas we’re well versed, but that doesn’t mean we use the same traditional methodologies to get to results.

Our experience using the Pyramid Group methodology has shown that all of these challenges are merely a few groups away from being thwarted. The Pyramid Group methodology uses a unique parallel assessment that delivers to decoupling strategy and executional issues whilst at the same time removing moderator biases.

To understand why these groups are so effective it’s important to first understand the group structure.

This process allows us to:

  • Understand real gut feel reactions.
  • Create Consumer Centric articulation.
  • Get clear consumer message take outs.
  • Understand individual reactions vs. group consensus.
  • Pull apart strategy from executional understanding.

What’s more, the approach negates any moderator effect.

At Ruby, we’re passionate about qualitative research and like to mix a little bit of spice in everything we do to get to the heart of WHY people think, feel and do what they do. It means a higher standard of insight for our clients, and strengthened business growth decisions for our clients.

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