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Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are? Personas are a way to qualitatively discover what different and distinct groups exist within your current and potential customer base, without having to do a full quantitative segmentation.

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Personas can be used to answer a multitude of business challenges.

We most commonly utilise this technique for companies who are new to market research and are looking to gain an overall understanding of who their customers are and how they think.

In this type of situation, Personas can be useful in helping the company to understand the different broad groupings of behaviour, beliefs, values and ways of interacting with the brand that exist within the customer base.

This data is actionable on its own, providing a solid base to launch strategies and help make more informed business decisions.

For those companies looking to take it a step further, Personas can also be used to drill down on a specific problem or to help make a big decision. Ruby Cha Cha can apply Persona discovery to a focused area to find out the different groupings of opinion on a certain area such as NPD, advertising or service delivery.

This allows your company to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the different ways that your customers will react to the concept being tested.
  • Use this data to create tailored delivery of the concept to each Persona.
  • Anticipate any problems that may arise before they happen.

Another application for Ruby Cha Cha’s Personas is to use them to create better quantitative instruments to ensure that you are getting the most accurate, actionable data out of your quantitative spend.

Using Personas in this way involves a multi stage approach to research.

It begins with an exploratory qualitative phase.

During this phase Ruby Cha Cha will uncover the Personas that exist within your customer base. This phase can also be used to discover other important data about your customers such as the language they use, and what is really important to them, all of which can be used to create a sharp, targeted survey instrument that will deliver the highest quality research results.

The next phase is the quantitative phase.

The Personas uncovered in the first stage of research can then be carried over to the quantitative phase to be sized and tested, and turned into representative segments that provide the most accurate depiction of who exists within your customer base.

Recent projects that the Ruby Cha Cha team have discovered Personas for include U&A (Usage and Awareness) studies, where the Personas uncovered were used to divide up a homogeneous group of customers to better understand the different ways in which customers relate to the brand.

This understanding was then used to drive the delivery of new products and advertising campaigns that appealed to different Personas in different ways, and ensured that any Personas with a history of feeling ignored or left out of decision making from the brand were targeted, driving brand satisfaction and success rates of new products.

So, how does Ruby Cha Cha uncover these Personas?

  • Qualitative Research. It is during the all-important analysis phase of research that the Personas emerge. Discovering your customer Personas involves using many tools of the qualitative trade, of which our team has extensive experience in.
  • Industry Insights. Years of expertise and industry knowledge allow us to pull apart the significant insights from the mundane pieces of information that won’t provide real benefits to your company, and read in between the lines to unearth the real differences between the customers we have spoken to.
  • Persona Discovery. Ruby Cha Cha is also at the top of its game in delivering research findings such as your newly discovered Personas in the levels of complexity best suited to your company’s needs, and in visually engaging ways designed to stimulate conversation and excitement within your team.
Ruby Cha Cha will break down your homogeneous customer base into distinct, actionable Personas. We can run a qualitative project purely for the purpose of uncovering your customer Personas, or we can incorporate this as an additional service within a project that also has other objectives.
It’s never too late to understand your customers better.

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