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Insight Platforms


At Ruby we use insight platforms to help clients find white space opportunities based on consumer desires, truths and tensions.

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A true insight platform is described as a problem definition tool.

To become an ‘insight platform’ we need to ensure there is plenty of richness, knowledge, context and experiential information to drive solid product, service or communication solutions.

To understand why this is important, we need to think about how platforms should be derived and what makes for a quality springboard.

At Ruby Cha Cha we usually begin with:

  • A crystallisation process. Reviewing existing and past research, communications and ideation outputs, sales or market data.
  • Your brand awareness levels; the strength of your brand’s image vs. your competitors and how the market has been influenced lately through trends or other market forces.
  • Then if required, we create some fresh qualitative or quantitative data to bring us up to date with consumer needs, wants or problems.

Ideally we would want behavioural data to help form the best problem platforms. We collect this in several potential ways best suited to you, such as:

  • Video footage of the problem being experienced by a consumer.
  • A consumer panel who might bring the problem to life, through the eyes of a range of different people, experience or cultural lenses.
  • Sometimes we bring people who have experienced these problems into the workshop itself to explain the problem in more detail and help build solutions.

To get to a solid insight platform Ruby brings sound strategic analysis and wide consumer experience to the table. In bringing the platform together, we create a problem ‘blueprint’ that can be used in the business in a variety of ways.

Ideally for sessions such as innovation or ideation sessions we would create a couple of platforms or territories, however, just one quality insight platform can be a start point to drive fresh thinking and better innovation and communication campaigns in your business.

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