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Decision Making and Influence

Behavioural economics helps us understand human behaviour and decision making.
Contextual research helps us understand the influencers of consumption and decision making.

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We know from our own lives that we often fail to do what’s best for us, despite our good intentions – whether it be exercising more, saving money, giving up smoking or improving our diet. That’s because we are prone to irrational thinking and biases in our everyday lives.

Ruby uses this understanding of how humans actually behave in everyday life to help clients understand how people make decisions on shopping, healthcare, services – from purchasing a car to insurance or even a house.

Our case studies demonstrate that even subtle changes to communications and service delivery mechanisms can substantially improve consumer decision making and can offer clients simple alternatives to more expensive communication or advertising options. Take for instance how we might keep customers loyal by providing simple SMS reinforcers of positive behaviour to make customers feel recognised.

Using a range of tools drawn from the behavioural sciences, Ruby Cha Cha can:

  • Apply social psychology and behavioural economics.
  • Design behavioural interventions, deprivation and saturation studies to uncover insights across a range of challenges – from simple transactions to complex social issues.
  • Implement behavioural insight tools such as experimental designs, deprivation, nudge thinking and behavioural change models as part of our research kit for decision making.
  • Utilise techniques such as ethnography, semiotics and gamification to uncover fresh insights into behaviour and how to influence change.
Ruby provides models and strategies for clients to keep customers closer, simplify difficult consumer decisions and create more targeted influences.

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