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Customer Centricity


Gone are the days of business centric thinking. Customer Centric Cultures understand that the customer is your competitive advantage, the way to win, differentiate and grow your business. A Customer Centric Business understands the power of the consumer in the relationship.

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So what does a Customer Centric Organisation do differently?

Customer Centric Organisations have closer, more meaningful relationships and deliver to the needs of the customer over the business because they engage regularly in two way conversations with their customers.

✓ They provide recognition, rewards and opportunities to collaborate and provide feedback.

✓ They talk to their consumers, they research and understand their needs, wants, desires.

✓ They understand the behavioural elements that underpin choices and decisions, predicting customer futures and ensuring they are innovating ahead of the game.

Customer Centric Cultures are emotionally resilient and allow their customers into the decision making process, either physically or as naïve marketers in accelerated workshops, or as part of big online communities e.g. passionate drinkers for Heineken, a community of connected mums for Huggies, or a group of experienced patients for Cancer Awareness.

We have even seen customers brought into advertising, like Sarah the quitter on Nicabate advertising in the past, or more recently with Lidl in the UK, to prove the freshness of their seafood.

Customer Centric Organisations bring their customers into the conversation and don’t assume or pay lip service.

What is a Customer Centric Culture?

Good Customer Centric Company Culture happens when the belief that the customer is king is held from the CEO down the line. Where the whole of the business believes that connecting customers with the truth – with good or bad, will mean that customers stay and benefit, rather than leave.

Great examples of this are:

  • Not for profits where members are treated as part of the team.
  • Companies like Qantas where safety, transparency and accountability are cornerstones, and pilots are encouraged to provide open and honest disclosure and personal guarantees to passengers – which in turn drives great customer advocacy.

Advocacy and Customer Centricity

Every brand communication, cultural element, staff member, call centre operator or retailer who touches a customer in any way needs to be or demonstrate brand advocacy and seek opportunities to deliver value and generate revenue.

This means loving the brand, showing pride, conviction and authenticity.

This includes virtual and digital touchpoints and Customer Centric Business to empower employees to engage with customers to provide honest conversations, not just to support sales and marketing messages but to improve services and build relationships, loyalty and new interest.

Customer Centricity and Research

From helping clients with becoming Customer Centric through workshops and touchpoint analysis Ruby Cha Cha can help. We can help you:

  • Develop insight communities to involve customers in the decision making process.
  • Shape NPD and new service offerings.
  • Reposition or position brands in new markets.
  • Drive greater advocacy in current customers, from members of insurance companies, to content streaming or sporting fan bases using a variety of techniques from qualitative insight platforms.
  • With customer segmentation through to development of NPS tools and strategies and touchpoint NPS to gauge and monitor changes.

Involving customers means taking risks, from putting some of your strategy out there on social media (extreme), to simple consumer forums or more basic and traditional research methods. We often use narrative storytelling of positive and negative customer experiences along a customer journey to signpost and review core moments of truth. This way we can shape the customer journey into a positive and worthwhile experience so it can be part of the value creation process.

Customer Centricity at Ruby Cha Cha

We live what we believe. From our marketing to the way we look after our clients as people, as business people and as employees we live the Ruby Cha Cha brand.

All our staff are considered brand ambassadors and we rely on our CRM systems and ‘service culture’ to embed our values within our client offer. We always put ourselves in our clients' shoes, thinking about their context and needs.

Importantly our staff are plugged into what is happening with all our clients through social media, desk research, customer engagement exercises and good old phone chats. Our staff are empowered to engage in meaningful ways, and rewarded if they go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service and relationship-building, regardless of their role.

Ruby Cha Cha has extensive experience in Customer Centric work practices, research methods and how you can embed these into your organisation. We look forward to discussing your needs and helping you improve response times and delivery, while increasing customer retention and revenue with better listening, helping customers feel more appreciated and valued.

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