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Brand Development

A successful branding strategy requires a mix of consumer insight, positioning strategy and clever thinking. Brand research is critical to a strong brand strategy and getting customers to the heart of your business is where category and brand leadership lies.

Make strategic business decisions with The Essential Guide to Market Research by Ellen Baron.

What is a Brand Positioning and how can consumers help?

Positioning a brand is simply getting your brand in the hearts and mind of your consumers.

What do you stand for in the market and why should they care? You might want to develop positioning strategy or a brand positioning statement that summarises your purpose and overall brand strategy.

The overall idea is to ‘own’ a market niche and demonstrate your point of difference to your competitive set.

The goal is to ensure you are creating a unique fingerprint that drives association for your customer that is desirable and compelling, and makes your customer want to choose your brand.

To create a strong positioning strategy you need to understand what is unique and ownable for your brand in market. Positioning research can help you with this including:

  •  How your brand is currently positioned in the marketplace?
  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors and how do they position their brands?
  • What makes your brand unique, what makes your competitors unique?
  • How to develop a distinctive and compelling positioning idea.
  • How to create new positioning territories to test with consumers.
  • How to craft a positioning statement and test it with consumers or customers.

How to develop a Positioning Statement

This is something we help many clients with at Ruby. You first need to do your homework and research can help you with answering the following key questions


What category are you in, what is your context and how does your brand play now and how do you want it to play in the future?


Who is your target consumer and what do they need, want, or believe?


What is your key consumer benefit or brand promise? What will make consumers buy into you?


What is the most compelling claim, ingredient, credential that your brand delivers that is a proof point for your brand promise – otherwise known as a 'reason to believe'.

Once you have all of this together you can begin crafting a simple positioning statement. Remember the positioning statement is for internal use, it is not an ad, or consumer facing. It helps guide your future marketing, sales, product, promotion and placement strategies. Think of it as a guiding light.

What is Brand Research?

Brand research is all about inviting the customer to help us understand how a brand is positioned today, and where it could be positioned tomorrow. It can help with effective launches, help revive a tired brand or a brand that is losing relevance. It can also help with sorting out brand architecture by providing new frameworks and pathways to growth. We believe that effective brand research must have consumer insight research at its core – the motivational drivers and tensions that our brand can solve for consumers.

Effective qualitative research gets us beyond this, through the use of projective techniques and encouraging storytelling narratives.

Asking anybody direct questions about brands will result in rational responses, which is why we have developed a technique called BrandMagic™, to get underneath brand connection and what makes a brand sing.

The Ruby BrandMagic™ approach to brand development covers a range of marketer needs:

Sharpening or Refreshing an Existing Brand

As markets change and customer needs evolve, companies often lose their most profitable customers to new competitors. As their offerings become commodities, their brands become diluted. First you need to understand the market drivers and barriers, and dominant and emerging category codes. Then we need to understand consumer hot buttons and emotional connections that you need to get on board with? BrandMagic™ can help with trends analysis, semiotics and consumer co creation help you drive your new brand into the next decade, taking current and new customers with you. We also help you to develop brand-marketing plans that create new tag lines and logos; inform the development of standard guides that ensure universal expression of the brand is communicated to agencies and the C-Suite where required.

How Much Stretch is There in Your Brand?

Brand stretch means that we need to understand the rules of new markets, or new consumers. What we need to do first is to determine whether the existing customer will allow the brand to travel from the existing products to the new products.

We use a range of techniques including cultural insight tools, semiotics and behavioural science to help us. Importantly we need to understand and unpack the stretch markets using clever stimulus to help consumers imagine the brand in that market and understand behavioural and cognitive impact.

Creating and Launching a New Brand

Creating and launching a new brand is very expensive and risky, especially if you are not a start-up. We help you understand what life is left in current brands that might be able to stretch, as well as the consumer need for a new brand in market – i.e. what is its reason for being. Will it stand out, is the market too cluttered, what will it bring and how will it change behaviours? We can help you define the business need, the competitive set then understand how to position and launch the new brand in that market with the help of your target audience.

Brand Architecture and Portfolio Management

Whether you are merging brands or creating Sub Brands, Endorsed Brands, or trying to tame an architecture that has grown wild on the vine, we can help you sort it out. Consumer research is only part of the picture, we have an approach called BrandMagic™ that includes workshop facilitation to clarify the needs and the questions, consumer co creation to help create a better solution with rationalisation solutions and a strategy session to pull it all together and get you moving toward your key goals.

Managing Brand Equity 

Brand health measures help you track and monitor your brand and its key drivers and attributes.  We help you to identify and monitor the equity in your brand, or where brands are losing relevance how to turn around the remaining equity in the diminished brand to define the new brand promise.

Ruby are experts in brand research, brand development and brand positioning.

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