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Advertising Research

Life happens in the narratives we tell one another.
And that is critical in the way we research advertising.

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Storytelling, that is, strategic storytelling, is at the heart of advertising, whether we are talking about the classic 30 second TVC, a print or billboard ad, or a digital narrative on social media, such as using GIFs to connect with hay fever sufferers. Joy, Hope, Excitement, Sadness, Fear, stories create emotions within the viewer and that’s exactly what makes it so powerful.

  • What are the stories that consumers will tell each other (if any) based on your advertising?
  • What will be on the lips, or more likely social media ‘shares’ of consumers today?

Great advertising can persuade people, but it might not inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.

Ruby Cha Cha are experts in ad or campaign development and testing, because we understand storytelling. We can help you:

  • Understand the archetype for your brand, your experience or your context. Archetypes are the basis of all great stories and strong brands align to archetypal stories.
  • Define your core brand archetype alongside consumer insights and why this is important, which will help you when briefing ad agencies.
  • Provide clarity on words, images and need states so that the your agency has a useful toolkit to unpack when deciding what ‘need for control’ means in the context of your brand. Control does not mean control freaks, but can often come across that way in the story telling.

We also use a variety of research approaches to test territories, story ideas, and animatics of finished ads, including neuro testing to understand implicit brand connection, engagement and motivations, that consumers can’t tell us about.

By using behavioural focus group techniques that we call pyramid groups, we can understand how consumers tell stories to each other. We use emotional quant to ensure we get the most from storytelling when we are trying to quantify the connection, strength and cut through of your advertising.

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