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Ruby has an exciting range of innovative processes and research techniques under 3 key pillars in the business: People; Experience; and Culture. Our services will change the way you think about focus groups, customer segmentations and online communities. We provide a hybrid mix of digital and agile alongside traditional methods and can tailor our research to suit your business needs.


Ruby understands people. From mainstream to niche consumers; from budget conscious to high net worth customers; from intermediaries to employees; from doctors to patients to nurses and specialists; from internal to external stakeholders and even board members, we can help you.

We specialise in understanding people and how they behave, and what motivates them to act, buy or choose. We are also experts in getting them to share their desires and experiences with you. We can get them to help you build new messages, products and services, we can go to them or bring them to you, even into the board room when required.


Ruby understands experience. From user to brand experience, from pathways to purchase through to journey mapping of customers, shoppers and patients. Experience itself is created by the brand, service or business through the contribution of the value that your customers place on that experience.

To understand experience, we need to understand the consumer connection to the brand itself and the value they place on that connection. We also need to understand ‘moments of truth’ along the experience pathway to help clients maximize market opportunities at different levels of involvement and through different needs: rational, emotional, sensorial and even spiritual.


Ruby understands culture and while it is important to understand what consumers think, we must understand the context of their consumption. We need an ‘outside in’ approach to the consumer so we can see and understand the context that they operate in, and where they get their inspiration and knowledge from. What are the external influences and forces that effect decisions, choices and opinions? To understand cultural influencers allows us the opportunity to influence or change how they think. Ruby has a range of cultural insight techniques from semiotic to ethnographic solutions and trendspotting to provide a cultural lens on consumption and experience.

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