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About Us

People often ask us how we got our name. It’s very simple. Ruby is the colour of passion, enthusiasm and energy and Cha Cha is the dance – fun, spirited and memorable. We are fiercely independent, and innovative, harnessing the power of the people, experience and context for better decision making.


Here at Ruby Cha Cha, we are driven by a spirit of passion and creativity, which is crystallised in our name, our culture and even our office. Creativity with purpose drives our working style, ‘infecting’ our projects with creative thinking and exciting outcomes for consumers, customers and clients.

We exist to help you achieve your brand or customer potential, from getting up close and personal with focus groups or ethnographic observations of customer experiences and moments of truth, through to concept development, market segmentation, research and advertising, we use our knowledge and skills to provide you with fresh and actionable insight.

While we are based here in Australia, we have the scope and expertise to deliver brand market research solutions such as focus groups, quantitative and qualitative research, across the globe. To see some of our work, simply take a look at our Case Studies page.

What we do: Creative research design, insight with edge, recommendations you can action.

Many of our clients can’t wait to tell us how our research has helped them achieve consumer confidence and growth – driving sales, building brands, satisfying customers, improving performance and growing value. We often get feedback from consumers as well, saying how much they enjoyed our groups, our online communities and our workshops.

We work across three pillars – People, Experiences and Culture, from helping clients with customer segmentations and buyer personas, through to understanding pathways to purchase, and moments of truth, through to exploratory insights on the culture of personalisation or on the go breakfast culture. We don’t do fluffy; we don’t do dull; we don’t do superficial.

The difference is in our practice.

We are talking of creativity and innovative methods with purpose. Every project we do is about turning consumer insight or exploration into ideas, concepts, communication and innovation recommendations that you can start working with right now. We even have a crack at writing the strategy for you, if that is what you want.


  • A team of highly qualified research consultants with extensive backgrounds in psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and client-side marketing.
  • Extensive experience in all sectors, including B2B, sensitive issues, low interest categories.
  • A range of projective techniques, and quantitative innovations such as emotional quant to help consumers move beyond the rational and express deeply held thoughts and feelings.
  • Ongoing development of new technologies and techniques that leverage inputs coming from ethnography, semiotics, co-creation philosophy, conflict theory and more.
  • Online, mobile, and neuro insight capabilities.


Creativity with purpose is at the heart of the Ruby team. An understanding of business shows through the type of briefs we get – from highly strategic, through to deeply exploratory. To learn more about how we are transforming companies and brands in Sydney and throughout the world, contact our team today by calling (02) 8094 6800.



Addicted to reality TV, Alsatian wine and dogs.
Strongest belief: Consumers are irrational.


Director of Quant

Traveller + photographer = travel photographer.
Strongest belief: There’s no such thing as a bad pun.


Company Accountant

Addicted to my children’s laughter, sunshine and chocolate.
Strongest belief: Creativity is intelligence having fun.


Director Research Melbourne

Ideas person, unlikely Tour de France addict and sometime French food blogger.
Strongest belief: Curiosity did not kill the cat.


Research Associate

Scotch drinker and Monopoly champion.
Strongest belief: The only things worth making are reservations.


Scrum Manager

Coconut fiend, fresh almond milk dirty chai orderer (yes I know, I know) and owner of too many lists.
Strongest belief: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.



Tortured Masterchef and coffee snob.
Strongest belief: Life is too short for under seasoning.


Research Associate

Proud puppy mum and true crime enthusiast!
Strongest belief: Tomato sauce makes everything better.


Research Assistant



Puzzle nerd and tech addict.
Strongest belief: Life's too short for bad hair days.


Senior Consultant


Research Associate

Don’t ask me where I’m from… It’s a really, really long story.
Strongest belief: Happiness lies in finding joy in life’s little things.



Things that must be barked at: trucks, buses, bikes, cats and neon tradie shirts
Strongest belief: Life is better with a dog

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